The Water Resonator™

The Water Resonator™


The Water Resonator™ is a simple, yet powerful, water treatment technology that you put on bottles and glassware to improve the quality of your water using electromagnetic energy and resonance frequencies. It provides

a vibrating set of nature’s most

powerful primordial, creative,

and healing vibrations to

“structure” your water to improve

its purity and energy for better health,

hydration, nutrient absorption, vitality

and beauty.

The circumference of The Water Resonator™ displays the precise sound frequencies of universal creation. These nine ancient harmonic tones form the  “Perfect Circle of Sound™.” These core creative vibrations, independently confirmed by scientists internationally, were used by ancient priests and healers in advanced civilizations to manifest miracles and produce blessings all involving sacred water.

Besides using them on glassware to treat your water before drinking, you can float them in ponds and pools, and place them on windows, windshields, even on computer monitors. By floating The Water Resonator™ on water in swimming pools, you can enhance water’s resonant energy for better bathing while attuning your body (mostly water) to nature’s universal harmony for optimal health, beauty, longevity, and more.

By placing The Water Resonator on windows and windshields you can resonate the hydrated/humidified atmosphere in your rooms and vehicles.

Developed by             world leading

natural healing expert and water researcher                Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Hydrosonics for Better Health


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